Seward Family


William Seward came from a family line of ancestors who had a Pedigree.  The chart at the bottom documents their lineage. This s  tudies the genealogical family line of many of his descendants and ancestors.

William and Ellen Seward were married in Vernham Dean, near Andover, Hampshire and moved the family to Danes Farm, Danes Road, Awbridge in 1938. They rented the farmhouse and land and set up a dairy farm.

William and Ellen Seward and family. Possibly Frank’s christening in 1930

Top row: Cecil and Thomas

Bottom row: Doris, William, Ellen (with Frank on lap) and Doris

William Mannings was brought up as a member of the family since birth by Ellen, on the death of his mother during childbirth.






Doris (Dorrie) Seward

Mabel Perrett (nee Seward)

Jefferey Perret, Mabel’s husband

Cecil and Frank Seward

William (Willy) Mannings – “adopted” son


Frank Seward


















William and Ellen 1982








Mabel and Jeff 1987

Jeff’s Home Guard paper

Mabel and Jeff were married in Vernham Dean before they came to Awbridge. Mabel was an accomplished milk maid on the farm. Jeff was a builder and due to a previous accident could not join the regular military.  He joined the Awbridge Home Guard.

The Home Guard








Doris married Tom Sloper at Awbridge Church in 1941. When he left the army he worked with Jeff as a builder

Tom and Doris 1991

Doris and Tom Sloper 1941

Tom Sloper

Doris and Tom’s Wedding Day










A group of evacuees in WW2 including Alan Banks

During WW2 Prisoners of War laboured on the farm. Also a number of evacuees came to the village. Amongst them was a young boy from Gosport, named Alan Banks. He lived on the farm and attended the village school with Frank. The Village Hall was also used for lessons due to the increasing number of children in the village and in approximately 1955 when all of these men had left, the farm was sold.









Ellen bought a farm at Sawyers Lane, Awbridge.

Pedigree – Malcolm Seward
Mrs Stare Mother of John West
Had a sister named Jane Stare, which said Jane Stare married
Jasper Randall
Had Issue John Randall, which said
John Randall married Austen
His wife had Issue
Thomas Randall which said
Thomas Randall by his wife Jane
Had Issue Thomas Randall by Mary his wife
Had Issue Thomas Randall by Mary his Wife
Had Issue Hannah Randall which said
Hannah Randall married
Richard Gilbert
Had Issue Gilbert Gilbert which said
Gilbert Gilbert married
Martha Carles
Had Issue Jane Gilbert which said
Jane Gilbert married
James Poore
Had Issue Willoughby Smith-Poore which said
Willoughby Smith-Poore married
John Seward
Had Issue William Seward which said
William Seward married
Ellen Parker
Had Issue Cecil Seward which said

Cecil Seward married
Patricia Dorothy Hawkins
Malcolm Seward
Wayne Seward

Frank and Betty 2010